6 Tips For Travelling On A Plane With A Dog


6 Tips For Travelling On A Plane With A Dog

Travelling is a chance to see the world, experience new cultures and make amazing memories. And while this is all very well and good, do you ever get a pang of guilt when leaving your favourite four-legged friend behind? Isn’t it time your pup experienced some of these exciting places with you? Many are put off by this notion because of the hassle, but dog travel is now more popular than ever due to the access from airlines, making it easy for your loyal friend to tag along on your far-off adventures.

So go on, let your dog see beyond your back garden with our tips for travelling with your dog on a plane.


1. Pick the right dog carrier

Airlines will have rules and regulations when it comes to the size of your pet carrier. Make sure to read up on their website or give them a call to ask what they are before you invest. The airline approved pet carrier we’d recommend? This item can be zipped up to stow away with ease and folded out to let your pup roam free in the airport.

Dog Carrier

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Little tip: choose a case with exterior pockets. As your dog will be your carry-on baggage this will come in handy when going through the airport to keep your valuables and documents within easy-reach.


2. Avoid accidents on the plane

Don’t feed them a big meal on the morning of the flight and take their water bottle away two hours before the flight. This may seem cruel, but dog’s do fine without food and water for a while and it will make for a hefty treat when they land. If they’re looking parched simply ask a member of staff for a cup of ice, this will give them a quenching boost and something to play with for a while.


3. Make sure you have correct documentation

Yes, it’s the boring bit, but you don’t want to go through the whole ordeal and get your pup to another country that they’re not allowed to be in. Depending on where you’re going your dog may need a health certificate, these are usually inexpensive and will get your dog through customs easily


4. Don’t forget the essentials

Handy items include: A collapsible water bowl, a blanket in case the plane floor is hot and a DryFur mat to line their carrier, because accidents do happen! Make sure to keep them calm and entertained with their favourite toy, a chew treat and plenty of love and encouragement from you.


5. Keep them stylish on the journey

While comfort is key for your pup during this experience, there’s no reason why they should compromise their stylish look. Keep them fresh and looking luxe by clipping on a collar from the Barc collection.


6. And lastly, try not to worry

If you’re stressed, then your dog is stressed.  Try to relax and enjoy the ride, because after you’ve touched down you’ll be able to explore new territories with your furry pal in tow.

NB: Please keep in mind that these tips may change based on the breed and behaviour of your pup, every dog is different after all. The best way to go about travelling with your four-legged friend is with an open mind, a smidge of patience and a flexible attitude.



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