How To Care For Your Dog With a Busy Schedule


How To Care For Your Dog With a Busy Schedule

Maybe you got your pup and became busier over time or maybe you’ve always been busy but badly wanted a new furry member to your family, either way having a busy life and owning a dog can happen if you only know how to handle both. Here are our tips:

Try and stick to a routine

As hard as it may be when your day-to-day is chopping and changing so much, trying to keep a routine with your dog will keep them more relaxed and at ease. Even if this just means keeping the daily routine tasks the same as opposed to the timings, this will help them adjust to your lifestyle seamlessly.

Take your dog to work day

If you have an office job, in a fairly relaxed environment, with not too many people about it might be worth asking your boss if you would be able to bring your dog into work occasionally.  You never know, you might be surprised at the answer and this continued contact will keep your four-legged friend entertained throughout the day instead of being cooped up alone. If it’s work that’s keeping you busy then I’m sure they’ll understand, as keeping a work life balance is always important.

Make use of dog lovers

There are plenty of people who love dogs that are free and willing to look after them with open arms during the day. These could be freelancers, students, the retired, whoever they are your dog never has to be alone when you’re out and about. The best part about this is that it’s easy to pick and choose who you let take care of your pup and yours is usually only they’re looking after so there’s no competition for their affections. As opposed to dog daycare, this method is flexible, cheap and great for your dog. We’d recommend Borrow My Doggy.

Give them lots of love

Your schedule may mean that you won’t be around your pup as much you’d like, so when your home makes sure to cuddle up with them even more than usual. Play with their favourite toy with them, let them come up on the sofa for a good spoon and tuck them up at night. They miss you just as much as you miss them, so these make sure they know they’re still loved.

Shower them with gifts

One way to show them, even more, love is to treat them to something special. You may feel a pang of guilt when leaving your dog to tend to your to-do list but there’s nothing like bringing home a present for your pup. Check out the Barc range for a luxury present that will put a smile on their face and keep them looking their best.


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