The latest dog trends to keep an eye out for


The latest dog trends to keep an eye out for

The latest dog trends to keep an eye out for

You always want to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to following trends, and this should apply to every aspect of your life, including your pup. Cast off clichés of everything you think when the term ‘dog trends’ gets said. We’re not talking garishly themed dog clothes and silly fads, the trends on our radar are nothing short of premium, adding convenience to your life and enriching your dog’s days that little bit more. So here are 4 of the latest dog trends that you should know about!


Natural pet products

Society is currently in the middle of a complete detox when it comes to our health, and while it’s all very well and good that we’re getting our well-being in check, it seems this trend has now taken a well-deserved place in the canine market. Health-conscious considerate humans are not only thinking of ways to make our dog food healthier – with organic dog treats, whole grain dog food and coconut oil dog products taking precedence – but natural pet products are also helping your pup’s carbon footprint on the world. Sustainably sourced with local ingredients and earth-friendly packaging, your pooch can now start saving the planet along with you.

Natural and eco-friendly dog food:


Mobile Pet Grooming

There’s not much that isn’t accessible through an app these days, which is why it’s no surprise that you can now call upon a pet groomer to come straight to your home. From a pet primping truck that pulls right up to your door to a masseuse that will give your four-legged friend a relaxing rub down just as you would after a long day. When the convenience of a sharp shave, professional blow-dry or rejuvenating massage is at your fingertips, there’s no reason why your pup shouldn’t get the same treatment and this trend is realising this pipe dream into a reality.

Mobile dog grooming:


Pet-friendly travel

Before you welcomed your pup into your life you were able to jet off whenever you pleased, and while you wouldn’t give up your dog for the world, now it might be possible to take them with you along for the ride. With a growing demand for more pet-friendly travel environments, this trend is not only seeing more pet-friendly hotels, but hospitality catering especially for your canine friends. With hotels offering dog-only lounges, special menu options, dog-friendly beach restaurants and pools as well as room services like pet-sitting and dog beds on offer, you can have your freedom back and give your dog some pretty awesome adventures.

Pet friendly travel:


Pet Tech

We’ve now got drones, smart watches, VR and entire Apple ranges amongst our increasing gadget portfolios, so it seems only natural that with these advancements in technology and our love for all things gizmo has become available to our pup too. Wi-Fi pet cameras, upgrades to treat dispensers and a GPS tracker for dogs are currently the hottest items on our hit-list.
As for the top trending dog products for 2017? Amongst pet integrated furniture and functional rain coats for dogs, the most sought-after trend is stylish leashes. Not one to go against the grain, the high-quality range at Barc will allow you to invest in this trend with the most luxurious leads and collars on the market.

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