4 Luxury gifts that your dog will love


4 Luxury gifts that your dog will love

Searching for the perfect present can be an arduous task. You want to make sure the gift speaks to the receivers’ personality, taste and style and you want to make sure it will suit them. While the choices are clear when searching for a special gift for your human friends, the luxury options for your four-legged friend often seem few and far between. It seems the only things on offer are loud toys and better than average dog treats. Not only do you want to treat your dog to something a bit more upmarket, you would ideally like the purchase to suit your type of lifestyle too. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the most premium products that are currently trending in the dog market at the moment, so you can treat your pup to the luxuries they deserve.


Billy and Margot Iced Treats

These delicious tubs are essentially ice cream for dogs, but containing no dairy so they’re suitable for your pooch. Hunker down for a chilled movie session, complete with snacks without leaving your dog short of treats.
Buy from Billy and Margot here.


Bone Beauty Luxury Dog Shampoos

There’s nothing quite like the fresh scent and soft touch of your pup right after a visit to the grooming parlor. Bone beauty’s luxury shampoos for dogs will make sure they’re always kept looking their best with high-quality ingredients like coconut oil and beautifully fragranced products enriched with vanilla and sweet magnolia.

Buy from Bone Beauty here.


Barc Collar and Lead Set

If you’re in the market for new walking accessories for your pup or you’re sick of the options on offer, invest in a timeless collar and lead set from Barc. Crafted from soft leather, these pieces not only look and feel sleek, but offer a sense of luxury that is a cut above the rest. With pared-back designs that have style and top-quality craftsmanship at their core, these luxury collars and leads will become just as coveted in your collection as your latest pair of kicks, designer bag or premium time-piece.

Buy from Barc London here.


Lola And Daisy Dog Bowl

If you take pride in your interiors just as much as we do at Barc HQ, you’ll agree that some dog bowls don’t exactly fit the aesthetic in your home. Lola and Daisy’s curved and risen designer pet feeders are the slick, minimalistic answer you’ve been searching for. Handmade from cherry wood in a variety of colours, these dog feeders will suit the hues of your house and will slot effortlessly into your kitchen or utility room. For something more heart felt, opt for a personalised dog bowl to give their mealtime utensil a touch of individuality.

Buy from Lola and Daisy here.

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